Personalised Support

Our personalised approach will mean each customer has an individual support plan to identify aspirations and how to achieve them. This may include anything from substance and alcohol misuse, physical and mental health problems to social isolation and developing healthy relationships. We work with a range of partners across west Cheshire to provide specialist input such as treatment services and medical interventions.

To improve health and wellbeing we’ll offer: art based activities, therapeutic activities, indoor and outdoor exercise and activities designed to promote healthy living.

Welcoming all women to the Storyhouse

Join our Women’s Group for a get together and to be yourself.
Our group meets fortnightly 10am – 1pm, some days we will get together for a friendly chat over some coffee or take part in stitching and painting.
We also take part in events in partnership with Storyhouse, such as Women of the World festival and Refugee Week.
Contact us for more information.